Skynny says Goodbye

by wonderer1

And so and so and so…. 51 posts later (52 including this one) and many many exhibitions, fairs, private views later, my manifesto pledge is complete.

What have I learnt?

– there is some wonderful contemporary art out there, but an infinitely larger quantity of emperor’s new clothes. The good stuff biffs you in the nose, you just have to persist. You really do need to see large quantities of art to feel confident in your own mind about what is and is not good

– there is some really good writing and gallery blurberie out there, but again an awful lot of unalloyed tosh that seems to be written in a bizarre kind of 1960s european pseudo intellectual style which makes the newcomer to contemporary art feel even more at sea and intimidated than they might otherwise feel

– oddly enough, some gallery people actually do like talking to random punters who have come in off the street. It isn’t like those scenes from Pretty Woman.  A fistful of dollars/roubles helps, but actually just plain  enthusiasm and interest usually does the trick.

As for me, I’m off to see the Jeremy Deller show in Walthamstow…ciao ciao